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Skopje Airport

Skopje Airport з'яўляецца турыстычнай славутасцю ў Čojlije , Македонія

Выбачайце, але ў дадзены момант мы не маем дэталёвай інфармацыі пра гэта турыстычны атракцыён пад назвай «Skopje Airport» у Беларуская. Калі вы можаце сказаць нам нешта цікавае пра гэта, калі ласка, зрабіць гэта!Інфармацыя на тэму «Skopje Airport» даступны на наступных мовах:

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DJ Latin Prince ✔ 
7 Января 2013
You need free wi-fi period!
3 Октября 2010
Avoid drinking coffee from the local coffee shop outside on the entrance or inside. Too expensive for a lousy coffee.
Emilijan Sekulovski
8 Сентября 2013
Buy water in burger king, it's the cheapest (55 den)
The Pelagonia Range
22 Марта 2013
We're very proud to represent Macedonian food at Skopje Airport - you can buy our award winning Ajvar as a gift to remember your time here in Macedonia.
Oktay Ahmed Ayberk
19 Красавік 2012
Dare Maslarkov
29 Мая 2013
Our airport is really nice now.You can fly but not in many destinations at all. There is a nice Cafe "Cakes&Bakes" but it's really expensive. :) There's no WI-Fi so that's one problem.
Dimitar Cukaliev
20 Января 2013
If you fly with WizzAir, even if you have web check-in and no bag to check you steel have to wait in the line to check your carry on size.
DJ Latin Prince ✔ 
10 Ноября 2011
You will find me here during the summers when I come to tour Macedonia. Hello to all my friends passing thru..!
Jure Avramovic
3 Декабря 2014
New, modern, clean airport! Very fast and effective check in and smooth customs and passport control.
Begum Kocabas
22 Сентября 2011
Cookynmoon Cafe has very nice cakes and sandwiches
Sam Crocker
31 Июля 2011
So horrible that Dante would have to cross through new layers of hell just to reach it
Yiğit Oğuz Duman
20 Июня 2013
ACI's Best Airport of Europe in 2013...
DJ Latin Prince ✔ 
25 Июня 2011
Tell them DJ Latin Prince sent you & that you are here to visit DJ Shorty P aka Pancho! DNK..
Nikola Zdravevski
9 Красавік 2014
waiting in line?! -such a thing does not exist here.
salma yousef
6 Января 2014
If you have some time to kill, check into the Prime Class Lounge. Far more relaxing than the seating outside. Also have refreshments and free wifi! Open 24 hrs
6 Декабря 2010
Баш ни е жал што си одите од Македонија :( Ох, доаѓате? :) Погледнете ги нашите совети на и откријте го Скопје на вистински начин!
4 Мая 2014
Türkçe konuşmayanı dövüyorlar :)
Bilgehan Günüç
12 Декабря 2013
en gerici gerilim filminden bile gerici
Oğuzhan Çetiner
3 Сентября 2013
Yemek yenilecek hiç bir yer .треба ресторан
5 Ноября 2011
Dunyanin en buyuk İskender heykelinin bu oldugunu soylediler.

В 0.1км от Терминал Александар Велики, Македонија

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Час працы
Пнд-Вск 24 Hours

Skopje Alexander the Great Airport (SKP) (Аеродром Александар Велики Скопје) on Foursquare

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Holiday inn Skopje

пачынаючы $71

Hotel Arka

пачынаючы $82

Park Hotel & Spa Skopje

пачынаючы $98

Astera Apartments

пачынаючы $36

Ibis Skopje City Center

пачынаючы $63

Hotel De KOKA

пачынаючы $43

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National Gallery of Macedonia

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Church of the Ascension of Jesus, Skopje

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Museum of the Macedonian Struggle (Skopje)

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